OCTOBER 10, 2015

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Don’t Hate Me

Don't Hate MeDon’t Hate Me takes a look at some of the internalized self struggles that adolescent girls face today and the people and things that can empower them.   Director: Donna Fair                

Watch Trailer    October 10, 2015  –  9:00 AM UB Learning Commons

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August Wilson: The Ground On Which I SAugust Wilsontand

Emmy-winning director Sam Pollard (When the Levees Broke; Slavery by Another Name) explores the life and legacy of August Wilson, the playwright some call America’s Shakespeare, from his roots as an activist and poet to his indelible mark on Broadway. The first documentary about the Tony- and Pulitzer-winning playwright August Wilson is a co-production of THIRTEEN’s American Masters series and WQED. Unprecedented access to Wilson’s theatrical archives, rarely seen interviews bring to life his seminal 10-play cycle chronicling each decade of the 20th-century African-American experience, including the Tony Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning Fences and Pulitzer Prize-winning The Piano Lesson.  Director: Sam Pollard      Watch Trailer    October 10, 2015  – 10:30 AM UB Learning Commons

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David’s Reverie

David's Reverie

“David’s Reverie”, starring Brandon Fobbs (“The Wire”, “Walking Dead”, “HBO’s Getting On”), tells the story of a jazz musician struggling to prevent his epilepsy diagnosis from derailing his emerging jazz career.

Director: Neil Creque Williams                   Watch Trailer 

October 10, 2015  -10:30 AM UB Learning Commons

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SAG-AFTRA Workshop
UB Learning Commons 1:30 pm



Zoo (Volkerschau)

Two girls prepare for a fun day at the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels, Belgium, with the same expectations, but very different outcomes.

Director: Monda Raquel Webb      

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October 10, 2015  – 2:00 PM UB Learning Commons

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Shield and Spear

shieldandspear_03In the changing political climate of South Africa a revolution is taking place as artists, musicians and designers tackle issues of politics, race and history. Artist Brett Murray’s painted caricature of South African president Jacob Zuma results in a lawsuit and death threats. Photographer and activist Zanele Muholi’s work exposes hate crimes in the LGBT community.  Shield and Spear presents intimate stories about the artists, art, music, identity, race and freedom of expression in South Africa 20 years into democracy.

Director: Petter Ringbom  Watch Trailer   October 10, 2015  – 2:00 PM UB Learning Commons

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A Walk in Purpose

Purpose wanders and run errAtibon_Nazaire_in_A_Walk_in_Purposeands around his Brooklyn neighborhood in early December 2014, a time when racial tensions have climaxed and he regularly walks to protest institutional abuses against Brown people in the USA, with thousands of fellow New Yorkers. His mind roams, leading to suggestions that could greatly help his people in his country, and globally.

Director: Matamba Kombila

October 10, 2015  – 4:15 PM UB Learning Commons

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LUV Don’t Live Here Anymore

Luv Dont Live Here AnymoreThis is the story of Reggie Hamilton, also affectionately known as Reggie Luv, a gay black man whose life takes a 180-degree turn when once he becomes severely ill. Not so easily willing to part with the way life was before, Reggie finds himself not only fighting for his health, but unearthing harsh truths about who he is and the relationships he holds dear.  Director: Mikal K. Odom   Watch Trailer

October 10, 2015  – 6:45 PM UB Learning Commons

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Spit is the story of Jeremiah Monk One Sinclair. A NYC Hip Hop artist who has reached a cross roads Spit_Coadieof trying to understand what is success and is edging to towards the end of his rope. A POV styled film, we enter the body of Monk One, travel in his world, seeing through his eyes the loss of passion, love for the music, life and city he once knew.  Director: Mtume Gant                          Watch Trailer

October 10, 2015  –  6:45 PM UB Learning Commons

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tonsureBetween heists of a mysterious, high value product, a young girl and her uncle hunt down the man responsible for the death of a beloved family member.

Director: Fred Bumaye                                   Watch Trailer

October 10, 2015  – 8:45 PM UB Learning Commons

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Driving While Black

Driving While BlackDriving While Black is a dark comedy, based on the police experiences of a black kid From LA. Dimitri delivers Pizzas for a living – but as a young black man he is faced with drama from the cops while navigating the city daily. We see the psychology behind Dimitri’s attitude towards the police through piercing flashbacks to his prior experiences with the cops and how he maneuvers in the streets                      Director: Paul Sapiano               Watch Trailer

October 10, 2015  – 8:45 AM UB Learning Commons

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