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SAVE THE DATE: The BIBFF 2017  October 4-9, 2017 

Details on the 2017 BIBFF Coming Soon….Until then a Recap of BIBFF 2016

BIBFF 2016 Schedule


“BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez”

Directors: Barbara Attie, Janet Goldwater & Sabrina Schmidt Gordon

baddddd_sonia-sanchezFor 82-year-old Sonia Sanchez, writing is both a personal and political act. She emerged as a seminal figure in the 1960s Black Arts Movement, raising her voice in the name of black culture, civil rights, women’s liberation, and peace as a poet, playwright, teacher, activist and early champion of the spoken word. She was one of the first activists to secure the inclusion of African American studies in university curricula. Deemed “a lion in literature’s forest” by poet Maya Angelou and winner of major literary awards; Sonia Sanchez is best known for poetry that explore a wide range of global and humanist themes, particularly the struggles and triumphs of women and people of color.

In ‘BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez’, Sanchez’s life unfolds in a documentary rich with readings and jazz-accompanied performances of her work. The documentary examines Sanchez’s contribution to the world of poetry, her singular place in the Black Arts Movement and her leadership role in African American culture over the last half century.

October 5, 2016  – 7:00 PM  Charles Theatre         Watch Trailer 

Join us for this special evening with award-winning poet, human rights activist and cultural icon Sonia Sanchez. This event features the Baltimore premiere of “BaddDDD Sonia Sanchez,” which will be followed by a discussion with Sonia Sanchez herself.



“How to Tell You’re A Douchebag”

Director: Tahir Jetter (Feature Directorial Debut)

how_to_tell_youre_a_douchebagRay Livingston is a relationship-blogging hack (“freelance writer, actually”) responsible for Brooklyn’s infamous blog, “Occasionally Dating Black Women.” The controversial, blog has generated some notoriety, but Ray is chafing from an overextended stay in New York, romantic ennui, and a stagnating writing career. After a crappy week, he goes off on a tirade and harasses a gorgeous random passerby, only to discover that it’s Rochelle Marseille, one of New York’s up-and-coming authors. Moving to make amends to preserve his media clout, Ray is stunned when Rochelle gives him more than he ever thought she would.
Brimming with exciting new talent, ‘How to Tell You’re A Douchebag’ is a fresh, buoyant, super-sexy comedy delivered with a twist for a generation addicted to their screens and digital accounts. First-time feature director Tahir Jetter intelligently retools old rom-com formulas to give us this smart and meaningful tale of a misogynist who falls in love.

October 9, 2016  – 8:30 PM     Murphy Fine Arts Center     Watch Trailer


“Sneak Peak” – First Twenty Films of the BIBFF 2016 are Unveiled:

Chosen People
Chosen People

Through Cinéma vérité on the daily activity of a Hebrew Israelite church in the south side of Chicago, the film Chosen People provides a poignant and subtle mediation on relations among history, memory and identity. Director: Qihui Wu (2016)   

October 7, 2016  – 10:00 AM      BUY TICKETS

Murphy Fine Arts Center  (Shorts: Waiting For Chosen Saints)


Color Blues

Color Blues1955. A writer meets his most famous creation for some unexpected news: change her from Black to White. Director: David Hebrero (2016)

October 8, 2016  – 1:30 PM     Watch Trailer     BUY TICKETS     Murphy Fine Arts Center  (Shorts: BLACK & BLUE)



EscapementEscapement is a short film that weaves jazz themes into a heart felt generational story of African American men that will keep jazz alive. This is not a documentary about jazz, instead it is a way to provoke conversations about jazz music and the importance that jazz has played, not only in the African American culture, but the influence it has had on all genres of music.  Director: Jae Williams (2015)        

October 6, 2016  – 12:00 PM   Watch Trailer      BUY TICKETS

Charles Theatre  (Shorts: Talking All That Jazz)


Fanny Fun Facts – Let’s Move

Self-esteem, team building, friendship, charity, and the love of learning are the core elements of the Fanny Fun Facts TV Series. The key demographic are pre-tweens (6-10)  Director: Debra Azemar  (2016)         

October 7, 2016  – 11:30 AM       Watch Trailer     BUY TICKETS     Murphy Fine Arts Center  (precedes: The Sand Box)


Free Ce Ce!

CeCe McDofree-cecenald survived a brutal attack, only to be incarcerated for defending her life. After an international movement to free her, Ce Ce emerged as a leader to interrogate the prison industrial complex and inspire women to fight back when attacked.  Director: Jacqueline Gares (2016) 

October 8, 2016  – 9:45 PM     Watch Trailer     BUY TICKETS     Murphy Fine Arts Center   (preceded by: This Little Light of Mine: The Legacy of Fannie Lou Hamer)


Generation Revolution

Introducing the powerful stories of London’s new generation of black and brown activists, Generation Revolution explores the successes and unexpected challenges these inspiring young people face. Motivated by the desire for a more equal future, they embark on the rewarding but difficult path that must be trodden in their struggle for liberation.  Director: Cassie Quarless &  Usayd Younis (2016)

October 6, 2016  – 3:15 PM     Watch Trailer      BUY TICKETS       Charles Theatre   (preceded by: Bluey)



hageresebIt’s 1997 in Seattle’s Yesler Terrace, and 10-year-old Abai is on a quest to find fresh batteries for his Casio keyboard for one last music lesson with his older brother Sam before seeing him sent back to their native Eritrea, indefinitely.   Director: Zia Mohajerjasbi (2015)

October 6, 2016  – 11:00 AM   Watch Trailer     BUY TICKETS

Charles Theatre  (preceded by: Milan’s First Day)


In This World

15-year-old Courvosier “Vosiey” Cox is a triple thrin_this_worldeat: an actor, singer and comedian, destined to perform sold-out shows in LA. He is planning the talent show he is sure will launch his career in front of hordes of adoring fans.  Director: Kelly Creedon (2015)  

October 6, 2016  – 12:00 PM   Watch Trailer     BUY TICKETS

Charles Theatre  (Shorts: Talking All That Jazz)


Leo Twiggs: Requiem for Mother Emanuel

leo-twiggsLeo Twiggs: Requiem for Mother Emanuel is a short tribute commentary video on the artist’s series of paintings on the massacre at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. The film describes the art of Twiggs, but most importantly the grace shown by the church in the aftermath of the attack.  Director: Joe Clark (2016)    

October 6, 2016  – 5:05 PM     BUY TICKETS

Charles Theatre  (Precedes: Walk With Me: The Trials of Damon J. Keith)


Lost Boy

lost-boyA 12 year old Jamaican runaway sneaks back into to his home town for what he assumes will be a routine visit with his best friend. Things don’t quite go according to plan….  Director: Aisha Porter-Christie (2015)

October 6, 2016  – 12:00 PM   Watch Trailer     BUY TICKETS

Charles Theatre  (Shorts: Talking All That Jazz)     


Milan’s First Day

milans-first-dayAs she prepares, Milan is very nervous. In spite of her mother’s impatience, she does everything she can to avoid going to school. Once arrived in her new class, she meets rambunctious Adelaide, whom she initially perceives as an adversary. After a few altercations and mishaps, however, Milan finds out that she has something in common with Adelaide.  Director: Laura Fielder (2014)

October 6, 2016  – 11:00 AM      BUY TICKETS

Charles Theatre  (precedes: Hagereseb)



journey-to-bottom-of-the-n_wordIn the confines of the outback of Bahia, every 12th of October, men and women gather to celebrate the Langa of Our Lady Aparecida. To the fervent sounds of prayers and traditional music, they dance and sing throughout the night, expressing their devotion to the Black saint. But this mystical scenario conceals sad stories. These are stories of pain and suffering. Stories of enslaved men and women, told by the Black people of the region, the way they heard from their grandparents and great-grandparents.  Director: Márcio de Abreu (2015) 

October 7, 2016  – 10:00 AM      BUY TICKETS

Murphy Fine Arts Center  (Shorts: Waiting For Chosen Saints)


Racing To 500

racing-to-500Greg, a mildly autistic kid with a good soul, triumphs over his protective father and a classless bully to become apart of his high school varsity swim team.  Director: Rob Smith (2015)

October 7, 2016  – 2:30 PM           Watch Trailer     BUY TICKETS     Murphy Fine Arts Center  (Shorts: No Strings Leap)


Southeast 67

southeast-67Devastated by the arrival of crack cocaine in the 1980’s, Washington, DC became known as the “murder capital” of the country. Growing up at the epicenter of this violence – in Southeast, DC – 67 rising seventh graders were promised college scholarships by a wealthy area businessman. ‘Southeast 67’ focuses on these students’ struggles to reconcile the dream of college with daily survival in a community rife with violence, poverty and addiction.  Director: Betsy Cox (2014) 

October 6, 2016  – 1:45 PM   Watch Trailer     BUY TICKETS     Charles Theatre  (preceded by: Ghost In Time)


Talking Piece

Talking Piece explores our propensity to stereotype others, our simplistic ideas around identity, and how we are all more complex than we seem.  Director: KPage Stuart Valdes (2016)

October 6, 2016  – 12:00 PM     BUY TICKETS

Charles Theatre  (Shorts: Talking All That Jazz)


Waack 4 Me

waack-4-me‘Waack 4 Me’ explores the revival of the 1970’s expressive dance form which was first popularized by Soul Train, and is now being embraced by women and LGBT communities around the world.  Director: Yingqian Chen & Ony Nwaohuocha  (2015)

October 6, 2016  – 9:00 PM   Watch Trailer     BUY TICKETS

Charles Theatre  (precedes: Wits End)


Waiting for the (t)rain

waiting-on-the-trainA small village lost in a dusty desert in Burkina’s bush. Two times a week passes the train. Various food items and water bottles thrown by the passengers while passing by constitute the main income of the village, and the only source of water during dry season. Different portraits follow each others. The older one s have known slavery in the service of France, the young dream of distant horizons.  Director: Simon Panay (2015) 

October 7, 2016  – 10:00 AM      BUY TICKETS

Murphy Fine Arts Center  (Shorts: Waiting For Chosen Saints)


Walk With Me: The Trials of Damon J. Keith

wall-with-me_the-trials-of-damon-j-keithWalk With Me: The Trials of Judge Damon J. Keith tells the story of ten extraordinary years, four groundbreaking cases, and one unconventional federal judge, whose rulings forever changed the face of civil rights in the United States. Now 93, Judge Keith still serves on the US Circuit Court of Appeals; a living embodiment of nearly a century of US history. He was once an ordinary “colored” man; a janitor whose personal struggles reflected those of a nation first coming to terms with civil rights. He became a fearless and extraordinary judge whose rulings resonate with surprising relevance in a nation still arguing about ‘”which lives matter” almost 50 years later.  Director: Jesse Nesser (2016)    

October 6, 2016  – 5:05 PM    Watch Trailer     BUY TICKETS

Charles Theatre  (Preceded by: Leo Twiggs: Requiem for Mother Emanuel)


Wits End

“Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” Familiar words for any comic, but for Jason Barnes, comedy provides a brief oasis in a world of confusion, uncertainty and personal turmoil. Wits End follows Jason as he works rooms large and small throughout the country, building a reputation as an up-and-comer in the world of standup. All the while, his off stage struggles to make sense of the world around him threaten to send him over the edge of both a personal and professional breakdown.  Director: Mike Finazzo (2016)

October 6, 2016  – 9:00 PM   Watch Trailer      BUY TICKETS

Charles Theatre  (preceded by: Waak 4 Me)



BIBFF 2016 Schedule


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